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Ticket cancellation


The cancellation of tickets is not a very pleasant process but it exists in the transport business. The important thing is to fix it as soon as possible.

Quatrobus has a variety of functionalities that revolve around this process. We help you to have better control and follow-up with, for example: password authorization, email notification, approval authorization, penalty retention and credit generation.

Do you want to know the types of cancellation?

  • Refund with penalty. This type of cancellation is activated by setting the value of the system option greater than zero.
  • Full refund. This type of cancellation is the default option in the system to cancel, the system makes the total refund of the ticket except for the amounts for commissions with retention (commission per transaction).
  • Voucher reimbursement with penalty. This feature allows a penalty (withholding) to be charged to the passenger for canceling the ticket, and from the balance (total – withholding) a voucher is generated for the customer for a future purchase.
  • No Refund. A ticket voided using this option is seen at the voided cash closing, and the amount of the ticket adds up at the cash closing.

Solve your problems in a simple way with Quatrobus ticket cancellations. Your business continues!

Quatrobus, we help you grow.