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Web System

QuatroBus, web system for bus companies

What is the QuatroBus Web System?

Our solution has combined: technology, cost analysis, and years of experience in the automotive industry. We have created custom software that meets the demands of more than 50 clients in America who recognize our product as one of the best worldwide.

Management and sale of tickets

Streamline your ticket sales processes effectively and safely, whether in person or virtual, through any smartphone or computer.

  • Direct sales, web and web
  • Postponement of tickets
  • Simple and multiple reservations of tickets
  • Transfer of seats
  • Sale by coupon and voucher
  • Cancellation with credit note and with authorization by email
  • Ticket sending via email

Money orders and parcel management

Streamline the registration of your payments, embarkation, and disembarkation.

  • Package record
  • Wire registration
  • Manifest
  • Tracking
  • Pending delivery
  • Price management by rate, volume, weight, insurance, declaration, area

Administrative management

Manage and control the company’s internal processes quickly, securely, and in real-time.

  • Users and roles
  • Administrative offices, points of sale, and agencies
  • Cities, Routes, and itineraries
  • Precios, Tripulación y Buses
  • Prices, Crew, and Buses
  • Company data and/or trade name
  • Series and correlative numbers
  • Entry and/or exit vouchers
  • Travel expenses
  • Promotions and volume discounts

Report Management

Improve your decision-making through complete and detailed reports of operations and sales immediately and online.

  • Closing of box by user by office
  • Sales by user, office, type of trip, and totals
  • Parcel manifest
  • Parcels receivable and telegyros
  • Import of declared documents
  • Passenger and baggage manifest
  • Unified and web sales
  • Seat occupancy by route
  • Trips per driver
  • Revenue per route

Baggage management

Manage your processes of control, registration, loading, and unloading of your luggage.

  • Baggage check
  • Excess baggage registration
  • Baggage control
  • Barcode tracking

Electronic billing

Save time and money by sending proof of payment directly.

  • The direct link with the tax collection portal of your country
  • Online electronic invoicing module
  • Reports of all vouchers issued
  • List of documents issued for the collecting entity

Let’s talk

North America Representative

Edwin Betancourt 

☎: +1 972 544 6757

📱: +1 (214) 534 9445 


Latin American representative

Renso Nomberto Mercado

☎: +51 (01) 644 9189

📱: +51 988 240 546