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Do you know of any transport company that is interested in acquiring management software to improve ticket sales?


Welcome to the referrals section, where you can register as a free promoter of QuatroBus services and obtain rewards, if you provide us with references from potential clients, who could benefit from our renowned IT solution for the management of transport companies.

Likewise, you will be able to refer potential clients to purchase our recognized management system for transport companies and at the same time receive rewards.

Next, you can register your contact information and information about the referred or recommended company so that we can start the process and manage the sale.

You will receive USD$50.00 (Fifty American dollars) as a reward, if your referral generates the purchase*.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the following people:

Latin American representative | Renso Nomberto Mercado
☎: +51 (01) 644 9189 | 📱: +51 988 240 546

North America Representative | Edwin Betancourt
☎: +1 972 544 6757 | 📱: +1 (214) 534 9445

* Terms and Conditions
– The rewards will be paid as long as the QuatroBus holder and the transport company enter into and sign a contractual document.
– The free promoter will provide his data in the following form to coordinate the delivery of his reward.
– The free promoter will receive the reward via card with cash.
– The rewards for free promoters of QuatroBus services do not represent a labor relationship with the company.
– The payment of the reward will be made only once for each referred company, without considering subsequent renewals, extensions, addenda or the like of the contracts. If the referred company is part of a business group or provides a reference without the participation of the free promoter, the reward payment will not be applied.
– By registering in the form, the free promoter accepts all the terms and conditions indicated above.
– Any activity, management, work, expense or similar that the free promoter decides to carry out to obtain the information or data of a company that he refers will be borne by his exclusive account and cost, without the QuatroBus owner being obliged to recognize said concepts under any circumstances. circumstance.
– The free promoter is prevented from acting or presenting himself as a representative, worker, manager or similar of the company that owns QuatroBus, as well as from using any distinctive sign of ownership of the company that owns QuatroBus, holding the latter harmless in case of non-compliance.