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Loyalty discount


Getting customers is just the beginning of marketing. Once we have managed to convert a user, we have to convince them to bet on our brand in the long term, make repeat purchases and recommend us. It is what is known as loyalty.

Betting on loyalty programs is an investment that always pays off, since the cost of keeping a loyal customer is always much lower than that of attracting a new one. We explain what loyalty is, what benefits it brings you and how you can incorporate it into your marketing plans.

What are the advantages of offering coupons in your company?

  • Reduce marketing spend, increasing profit margins. Getting repeat purchases from loyal customers has a much lower cost than attracting customers from scratch. Also, if loyal customers recommend us, we will be attracting new conversions at no additional cost. All this means that the company’s marketing costs decrease.
  • It improves the customer’s lifetime value, that is, the amount of benefits that each customer generates for us during the time they remain with the brand. If this number increases, we can afford a higher cost per acquisition and keep our marketing profitable. Loyalty programs allow us to increase both the average value of each purchase and the frequency of purchases.
  • Loyal customers do not go to competing brands, which makes us strengthen our position in the market.
  • Having a loyal customer base provides us with more stable income, which in turn we can allocate to fixed expenses or to expand our business.
  • By creating long-term relationships with customers, we have more and more information about them. This puts us in an advantageous position with respect to the competition and makes it possible to launch highly personalized marketing actions, which in turn multiplies the chances of success.

Quatrobus helps you provide discount coupons to your customers in 3 ways:

  • INT: ID of the shopping cart where you want to apply the discounts
  • DECIMAL: The amount will be applied to each specified ticket.
  • ARRAY: Ticket identifiers to which the discount is applied. If this parameter is not sent, it will be applied to all tickets in the shopping cart.

We want to boost your business and increase your customers, make them loyal and constant.

Quatrobus, we help you grow.