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How to improve the processes of your transport company?

Information services

In Chile, there are around 18,000 companies dedicated to road freight transport (according to INE figures for 2018). Today there are more than 200,000 vehicles (among trucks, semi-trailers, tractor-trailers, trailers, among others) used for these purposes.

In addition, heavy vehicles move 90% of all merchandise in the country, therefore, improving the business processes of a transport company is key to improving productivity, improving profitability and offering better service to end customers.

To achieve this, the use of technology, such as telemetry, the Internet of Things and its various applications, will be key.

Technological advances in transportation

One of the great digital revolutions has been the Internet of Things (IoT). This has been an ally for most business areas, but there is one in particular that has seen in the IoT and satellite tracking a pillar to improve labor productivity, offer better transportation services, efficiency and profitability: we are talking about the business of cargo transportation.

It is expected that by 2025 there will be more than 75 billion objects connected to the Internet, and within this it is expected that the transport sector will not be left behind. There are many benefits of the IoT for the transportation industry, therefore, investing in technology is key to improving the processes of the transportation company and essential to be a leader in the field.

Solutions to improve the processes of your transport company

There are several areas where your transportation company can focus its efforts to improve processes. All are linked to greater control and monitoring of vehicle fleets, improving their performance, profitability, efficiency and productivity to reduce costs, increase productivity and finally offer a better end user experience.

Below we list a series of technological solutions that will allow your company to increase profitability and have better control of processes.

Smart satellite tracking

A great way to improve the productivity of the company is to monitor and protect assets through the implementation of GPS with real-time information, controlling compliance with routes, incorporating risk and loss prevention systems or adding a system to fleets. detection of cellular jamming or GPS blocking.

Control of fuel use and theft

Making the most of your company’s assets, especially fuel, is key to improving its profitability. With a fuel control system it is possible to evaluate the profile or driving style, monitor the performance of the units and measure the fuel level, in order to avoid waste.

Safe transportation of cargo

Protecting the cargo of trucks is a necessity in the sector, especially with the robberies and assaults that trucks suffer on a daily basis. Not keeping track of the transported cargo prevents the company from making a profit. This is why it is essential to have tools that control the temperature, weight and security of the merchandise, in such a way that losses and theft can be avoided.

Driving safety

This item is very important to improve the level and competitiveness of a transport company. It is essential to put in place tools that empower, control and monitor the safety of drivers and fleets while on the road. A system that allows remote monitoring, such as cameras and sensors connected to GPS, will be a key element for driving safety throughout the entire working day.

Thanks to these tools, your transport company can analyze processes and improve them, helping to reduce theft, avoid cargo losses or make delivery times more efficient.