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Coupon management


Discount coupons are a key tool in any online sales strategy that serve to attract potential consumers, retain customers and promote your brand on the internet. Through the discount coupon, a code is generated that your customers have to enter at the time of finalizing their purchase to obtain the benefit.

What are the advantages of offering coupons in your company?

  • Attract new customers
  • You can recover potential customers who abandon a purchase
  • They allow you to retain and retain customers
  • They are a good strategy to promote new products
  • They serve to activate the sales of little-sold products

Quatrobus helps you provide discount coupons to your customers in 3 ways:

  • INT: ID of the shopping cart where you want to apply the discounts
  • DECIMAL: The amount will be applied to each specified ticket.
  • ARRAY: Ticket identifiers to which the discount is applied. If this parameter is not sent, it will be applied to all tickets in the shopping cart.

We want to boost your business and increase your customers, make them loyal and constant.

QuatroBus, we help you grow.