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QuatroBus is constantly seeking alliances to promote ground transportation and increase the sales of our customers’ day-by-day and help them grow.


RedBus is a company that has promoted the sale of more than 75 million tickets, helping more than 2,300 companies with its more than 80,000 routes worldwide.

Plataforma 10

Plataforma is a company that promotes the sale of tickets for more than 300 companies in South America, reaching more than 10,000 destinations.


Wanderu is a company that promotes the sale of tickets for the main bus, train and plane companies in North America and Europe. Likewise, it assists with ticket reservations in a simple way.


Busbud is a global online bus ticket sales promotion company helping more than 1,300 affiliated transportation companies with their 20,000 destinations in more than 80 countries around the world.


Omio is a platform that promotes the sale of tickets from more than 1,000 transport companies between trains, buses, flights, ferries, cars and airport transfers. It has a presence in several countries.


PinBus is a company that helps promote the sale of tickets in Peru and Colombia, works with more than 60 of the main transport companies in each country, offering tickets to national and international destinations.


Distribusion is the technology platform that promotes access to ground transportation around the world, with hundreds of providers of buses, airport transfers, trains, and ferries.

North America Representative

Edwin Betancourt 

☎: +1 972 544 6757

📱: +1 (214) 534 9445 


Latin American representative

Renso Nomberto Mercado

☎: +51 (01) 644 9189

📱: +51 988 240 546